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Mental health patients should always be supported and healed as close as possible to their living place. Stakeholders on the ground have thus an essential role to play, regarding medical care as well as social inclusion of patients.

To this end, we offer two types of training :

Caregivers training

The majority of ivorian health facilities workers have no or little background in the mental health field. Therefore, patients, are most of the time redirected to a psychiatric or universitary hospital.

This is why we train volonteer caregivers, working in local healthcenters. The develop the required skills for the reception and the common care of patients. We use international benchmarks of the mhGAP program (WHO), and the SMAO.

Initial training is accessible to all volonteer caregivers. We also continuously train workers of SAMENTACOM partner centers in taking up some clinical cases during medical supervision sessions.

Community workers training

If one wants to cure at a patient without considering his way of life, he is at risk to reduce this person to his condition. There are several requirements in order to obtain a real benefit for the patient :

  • an acceptable material situation,
  • the commitment in a daily activity, even if it is small,
  • a compatible environnement regarding familiy and comunity.

The community worker has thus a double mission :

  • Because he is well included in the comunity, he plays a awareness an patient-guiding role.
  • He facilitate the peviously mentionned social requirements.

Thanks to the combined efforts of caregivers and community workers, patient has best chances to regain or maintain a good social inclusion, and consequentlybest chances to live the life he wants.